Q. Where can the Envirosafe products be purchased?A. The Fly, Wasp and Mosquito products can be purchased from various Hardware stores and rural supply stores. The Moth products can be purchased from supermarkets and health food stores. See a list of retail stores under our store location tab.

Q. Are these products safe to use around our family, pets, and home?A. The Envirosafe range consists of pesticide free, non-toxic ingredients. The Envirosafe fly and wasp attractant is made from food grade material. The Envirosafe moth products use pheromone attractants. The Mosquito Drops are Non Toxic and safe to use around the Home and will not harm aquatic life such as fish, frogs and water Birds.

Q. How do the Envirosafe Fly & Wasp Traps Products work?
A.Our fly and Wasp Traps contains a non-toxic attractant that Flies and European Wasps (attractant purchased separately)can